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Living Sustainably While Studying Abroad

Are you passionate about preserving our planet? Living sustainably is something everyone can choose to do, international students included. Creating a more livable world for everyone sometimes feels like an overwhelming challenge. But the key is twofold: stay hopeful, and know that every action you take has an impact. As Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine […]

Working in the US While Studying (and After Graduation)

Are you considering becoming an international student in the United States? In this post, we’ll look at your options for working in the US while studying, and how you can get work experience after you graduate.  First, think about what credential you want to graduate with. In the US, students can receive associate degrees, bachelor’s […]

Cybersecurity Tips for International Students

Adjusting to living in a new country as an international student can feel overwhelming and leave you vulnerable to deception. That’s why we’ve created a guide with cybersecurity tips for international students.  Have you ever received a spam email asking you for personal information? What about a suspicious internet link? Or worse: have you ever […]

Should I Study Abroad?

Are you asking yourself “should I study abroad?” Need a little push in your decision? Studying abroad is a big deal, with many factors to consider, such as: If you’re unsure, we’ve created a quiz to tell you how ready you are and whether it’s the right choice for you! So grab a pencil and […]