Canada is growing into a prominent destination for pursuing higher education internationally.

Canada has become a popular Study abroad destination for international students all over the globe. Across the world, degrees earned at Canadian colleges and universities are respected. The Canadian educational system supports the development of transferrable skills and cross- disciplinary programs. According to QS World University Rankings, Canadian cities including Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver reached the list of the top 50 student cities. The ranking was based on a number of variables, notably affordability, multiculturalism in the student body, and how companies view graduates in the job market. 

One of the top countries for life quality is Canada. It is also among the safest and most tranquil nations in the world. There are parks and gardens even in big cities, and students can always find a cultural event to go to at theatres, art galleries, and museums. During the summer and semester breaks, international students are permitted to work up to 40 hours per week, and 20 hours per week throughout the academic year.

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  • Affordability
    Along with having a higher level of living and higher educational standards than the US, UK, and much of Europe, Canadian universities and colleges charge lower tuition rates.
  • Qualification acceptability globally
    As was already noted, Canadian education is of a very high caliber and emphasizes practical experience to prepare students for the real world of work. Apart from that, though, university degrees are highly valued and recognized all around the world. This clearly offers up a lot of opportunities for job progression.
  • A diverse, safe and secure cultural society.
    As a result of its support for multicultural society, immigration to Canada is simpler.
  • Migration Policies
    Students from Sri Lanka can now apply for a student visa more quickly and easily thanks to the recently established Student Direct Stream (SDS), which was created by the Immigration and Refugee Control Agency (IRCC). Nonetheless, in comparison to other nations, basic immigration laws for students are also very simple. In addition, eligible students on student visas have alternatives for obtaining permanent residence without leaving the country.


There are numerous famous universities in Canada that provide the greatest undergraduate and graduate-level courses in the humanities, business administration, engineering, and literature. The cost to study in country depends according to the university that has been chosen. So, choose wisely!!!

Programs Average Cost per year /CAD Average Cost per year/ LKR
Undergraduate Starting from CAD 13,000 CAD 3, 155,438
Postgraduate Starting from CAD 15,000 CAD 3, 640,891

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Are you a foreign student seeking for financial aid to attend school in Canada? Look nowhere else! The involvement of the Canadian government in significant international scholarship competitions is the responsibility of Global Affairs Canada. We list international scholarships provided by international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and governments from Canada and other countries. Start your search now!

Scholarship Type About
The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program The program is administered by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) and provides funding for graduate-level studies in Canada.
Merit- Based Scholarship Awarded based on academic performances ofinternational students.
Early-Bird Scholarships Given to the early applications with good academic performances and co-curricular

How was the Education System in Canada

Canada’s education system has three intakes which are quite advantageous as students have the liberty and option to enroll, unlike other countries which offer single intakes. What are the Canada Intakes for International Students to pursue their higher studies:

  • Fall Season: September intakes has been known as Fall intakes of every year.
  • Winter: January intakes are considered as Winter Intakes for International Students.
  • Summer: April or May. Middle of the year.

Most of the Top universities in Canada offer multiple intakes.Canada university ranking according to QS World University Rankings 2019 includes 26 of Canada’s colleges and THE World University Rankings 2019 has ranked 27 of them.

How does Canada Student Visa works for International Students?

Among the main factors contributing to Canada's growing popularity as a destination for international students is the country's open and simple visa application procedure for foreign students. The cost of the visa will be CAD235 and student will be available for a post study work visa depending on the program.
  • Letter of Acceptance from the college/ university
  • Evidence of your English proficiency skills (IELTS)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Financials with the source of income

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Cost of living in Canada

Among other English-speaking nations, Canada is well renowned for having affordable university tuition. Comparing Canada to other countries, studying here is affordable. Per year the living cost will be CA$10,000 CA$20, 000. On-campus residence can cost anywhere from CAD 4,000 to CAD 8,000 Approx per academic year, while off-campus accommodation can range from CAD 500 to CAD 1,500 per month Approx. Homestay families can cost around CAD 700 to CAD 1,200 per month Approx. This is the typical range, and it tends to change depending on the curriculum and the school the student has registered with. The cost of your food, lodging, and other daily expenses will depend on where you are and what you need.

Student Health Insurance

Canada equips students with provincial health coverage to few international students for free or for a premium and in these cases, students must apply in their province. Students striving to study in Canada must look into the attainability of insurance in their registered province of study as it is essential to obtain health insurance during their stay in Canada. Students can avail health insurance through a private insurance company or may register through school.

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